"I feel blessed to have safely survived this tribulation allowing me the experience to empathetically help other mothers"

In 2011, when Marina LaVoie was 20 weeks pregnant with her first child, she began experiencing crushing anxiety, depression, and fear. Seemingly overnight, she went from happily preparing for the birth of her first child to spending sleepless nights pacing, watching the clock, counting down the days, minutes, seconds until she could deliver her baby. Marina was diagnosed with peripartum depression, a chemical imbalance similar to postpartum depression, but which takes place during the pregnancy and can continue on after birth.

Nearly 20 percent of women who become pregnant will experience peripartum depression. When left untreated, peripartum depression not only effects the health and quality of life for the mother, but can also affect the well-being of the baby who can be born prematurely, with low birth weight. The disease also causes bonding issues between the mother and child and can contribute to sleeping and feeding problems as well.

“Having experienced the horror that is depression/anxiety but temporarily, can only mean I must learn from it and act on this knowledge so that those that don’t currently have an out, can someday soon, experience glorious relief!” says founder Marina LaVoie. 

Marina’s passion, beyond the creation of the LUNA collection, is to raise awareness for peripartum depression, and hopefully provide inspiration for other women who are also suffering from this debilitating disease. A portion of each sale from the LUNA collection will go to benefit research and raise awareness for Peripartum and Postpartum Depression in the hopes of bringing peace and treatment to many mothers in need.