The vision for Luna by LaVoie comes from the heart and hands of mother and founder Marina LaVoie, who held an illustrious 20-year career in national broadcast media while raising three young boys alongside her husband. As a modern professional career woman and mother, Marina wears all the hats, pants, coats and bags. She is every woman. 

During her first pregnancy, search as she might, she could not find a bag, backpack or purse for taking care of newborns and young children that fit her fashion-forward style. Most of these bags are bulky, designed with only functionality in mind, not high fashion. Why should expecting mothers sacrifice practicality in the name of quality and style?


Marina’s search for design inspiration and materials leads her to the small village of Sesto Fiorentino just outside Florence Italy. Here, she met a family of craftsmen and women, skilled in the art of Italian leather and able to utilize large swatches of the highest quality skins with care and attention to detail that she had never before seen. The result of this trip is a new lease on life and the beginning of a half-decade journey to create a line of bags and accessories that perfectly blend both fashion and function for the modern mother.


With this spark, the Luna by LaVoie collection is born. High fashion and uncompromising quality for all phases of a woman’s life. The Luna collection is designed from the start with mothers in mind, while stylish and practical enough to grace the shoulder of any professional, fashionista or world traveler. Every Luna bag features timeless design, ample storage space segmented for practicality, a striking blue toned water-resistant liner, and sleek, sturdy hardware.

In 2021, Marina left the soundstage to focus fulltime on her family and the launch of her new business “A Beautiful Life,” the parent company of Luna by LaVoie.


While Marina was 20 weeks pregnant with her first child, she began experiencing crushing anxiety, depression, and fear. Seemingly overnight, she went from happily preparing for the birth of her first child to spending sleepless nights pacing, watching the clock, counting down the days, minutes, seconds until she can deliver her baby. Marina is diagnosed with Peripartum depression, a chemical imbalance similar to postpartum depression, but which takes place during the pregnancy, and can continue on after birth as postpartum depression.

Nearly 20 percent of women who become pregnant will experience peripartum depression. Marina’s passion, beyond the creation of the Luna collection, is to raise awareness for peripartum depression, and hopefully, provide inspiration for women in the midst of it.


Women are strong, versatile, and beautiful – all qualities you’ll find in the bags of the Luna Collection by LaVoie. Today, Marina continues her dream of providing a luxury product for expecting and new mothers, all while raising awareness and donating proceeds to peripartum depression research. A portion of each sale from the Luna Collection will go to benefit research and awareness for Peripartum and Postpartum Depression.